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Online casino games are a gamblers wildest dream. Any social gambler gets the urge to play a few hands of poker or pull that arm on a great slot machine every now and then. But who really has the time to go to a land based casino every time they get that urge? Las Vegas is not exactly the quickest road for a majority of the gambling world.

October 29, 2020
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Did you know that over 9,000,000 US internet casino players have placed real money wagers worth more than two billion online, or that there are over 1,500 internet casino sites taking real money wagers. Last year internet casinos have paid out 97.1% while the average US land based casino pays out 93.32%.

September 15, 2020
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Halloween Week Scares Away Broadway Audiences

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Broadway loves a good costume drama. But Halloween, not so much. The holiday apparently spooked potential theatergoers, many of whom chose to trick or treat somewhere other than at one of the 33 shows running on Broadway. Halloween is usually an off night — parents often opt to be with their children, rather than at the theater, and suburbanites opt to avoid Manhattan — and this year it was

November 03, 2015
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When Adele Says ‘Hello,’ Fans Listen


The numbers are in for Adele’s “Hello,” her first single in three years, and they are stunning. Released on Oct. 23, “Hello” has shot to the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, with a record 1.11 million download sales in the United States, according to Nielsen. Even in an era of declining downloads, “Hello” became the first song to rack up more than one million in a week — blow

November 03, 2015
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Artist Profile: Jacob Ovgren

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Nice feature on the unabashedly immature work of Swedish artist and skater, Jacob Ovgren, who designs for one of my favourite skate brands, Polar. The video is part of The LB Project’s series promoting art and skateboarding. Check out the interview and more from The LB Project below!

November 03, 2015
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Off Broadway, Women Lag in Design Jobs


It is well known in the theater world that female playwrights are rarely produced on Broadway, and that female directors are doing only slightly better. A new study suggests that beyond Broadway the picture is somewhat less dire. Last season 40 percent of the plays at leading Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway theaters were directed by women, and 29 percent were written by women. But women’

November 03, 2015
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Switzerland conjures up many images. On one side, there are majestic mountains, delicious fondue and chocolate, big banks sheltering people’s money, precision watches, and an orderly society. On the other, heart attack–inducing prices: $8 USD coffee or beer?! $50 steaks?! A $15 menu at McDonald’s?! $35-40 hostel beds?! WTH! Switzerland is rated the most expensive country in the world to v

November 03, 2015
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